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Safe Joe: Being an orphan motivated me to win Sh1m at Blaze BYOB – VIDEO

Raised by a single mother, Joseph ‘Safe Joe’ Mugweru clinched the second position in the just concluded first season of reality television Blaze BYOB.

Born in Dagoretti Corner in a family of four, his mother passed away when he was only nine years old. He says he had a rough bringing but that did not deter him.

How did you come to be among a contestant in Blaze BYOB? – At the time I was in Eldoret and I was working with an artiste who was supposed to perform in Blaze and I had no idea what Blaze was.

After he told me about it, I went and googled it and I was surprised what they were offering, but my major interest was the show. I auditioned it and after three weeks they called me.

How did your family react when you were called to take part in the competition? – Most of them did not understand when I told them I will be on TV especially my grandmother. The only thing she understood was the Sh5 million. Now is when they are getting to see the impact of the show after seeing how I have grown.

What has changed since you joined the show? – I was an upcoming music producer and I was dealing with upcoming artistes. What has really changed is my view of the industry. With the various challenges that we were tasked we dealt with the best people in the industry. Right now I know the right channels to use and how to run my business.

What was the most difficult task for you? – The most difficult for me was kuuza mboga. As a music producer, you are used to seating behind the computer with your keyboard and if it is about marketing you are online and you are done.

Going out and hawking was a problem for me, it was not easy convincing people to by vegetables, but I liked it because it made me a better person.

The easiest? – The first challenge was easy because with music, that is something I love. I love interacting with artistes.

What was your take on the judges? – Caroline Mutoko is bitter sweet. She is the type of person who slaps you and then turns and gives you a peck. Judge Trushar Khetia is a detailed person, short cuts to him do not apply, while King Kaka, is he more accommodating.

Do you have more friends after now that you were on the show? – When you make it that is when people want to associate with you. I have had people from when I was working in a timber yard, those are the people I have stuck with because they are the people who have been true to me.

What do you plan to do with the money you won? – The dream that I have is to set up a recording studio. I’m going to invest in the right equipment and marketing of my label.