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Safaricom to give customers extra airtime for every top up

Safaricom pre-paid customers will from Wednesday, April 1, get two percent extra airtime after the telco effected the new Value Added Tax (VAT) rate, which has been reduced from 16 to 14 percent.

In a statement published in the dailies on Wednesday, the company announced that it was reviewing all its products and services in line with the president’s directive.

For instance, a customer who tops up Sh100 will receive Sh102 airtime while all home fibre customers will get back two percent the cost of the package as a credit to their home fibre account.

“Customers, for instance, who are on the Sh 2,900 Bronze package will receive a Sh58 credit which will be used for their next monthly payment,” Safaricom announced.

Safaricom further reviewed all products in all its shops and on its e-commerce website, Masoko, to reflect the two percent VAT reduction.

“Pricing for all devices including smartphones at all Safaricom Shops and on Masoko has been reduced to reflect the 14, VAT, ” added Safaricom.

Safaricom also announced that it was revisiting their business platforms to reflect the change in tax regimes.

“Pricing for all Personal Postpaid, Fibre for Business and all Corporate Postpaid products and services including Zidisha Plus, Cloud, Security, Collocation, and IOT have been reduced to reflect 14%, VAT and shall be reflected in the next monthly invoice.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 25, 2020, directed the National Treasury to work with Parliament and reduce the VAT from 16% to 14%, to take effect on April 1.