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How Rwanda FA sole presidential candidate ‘lost’ election

In yet another example of how bizarre elections can turn out in Africa, the sole candidate in Rwanda Football Association’s presidential elections still went to ‘lose’ in the exercise.

Madam Rwemarika Felicite was competing against herself in the wake of a dramatic withdrawal of incumbent Vincent Nzamwita at the body’s Elective General Assembly, who cited personal and family reasons.

Felicite however ended up ‘losing’ the election exercise held on Saturday after failing to win the majority vote as required by the Rwanda FA regulations.

Rwamelika garnered a paltry 13 votes from a possible 52 votes from the members present as 39 of them returned an invalid vote.


The 52 voters at this exercise consist representatives from the 16-first division clubs, 24 teams from the second division, nine women clubs and three affiliate associations.

Going by the results, Rwemalika didn’t meet the required majority vote of 26+1, a situation that forced the Electoral Commission to go for a closed door meeting to decide on the way forward.

The Electoral Commission’s final verdict was that since the lone candidate didn’t get the required majority vote, the current team would continue to exercise its duties until completion of the electoral process.

The elective assembly attracted election observers from Fifa and Caf.