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Ruto in line to succeed Uhuru – State House

President Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated his wish to have his deputy William Ruto succeed him in 2022.

A statement released Tuesday by State House’s communication team said President Kenyatta is keen to have Mr Ruto take over the reins because the ten year period provided for a President’s rule by the constitution “was not enough” to implement Jubilee’s grand plan.

The statement was released by by Munyori Buku, the Senior Director of Public Communication at State House.

It was released amidst mounting speculation on whether Mr Ruto would be assured of the support of the vote rich Mount Kenya region in his 2022 presidential bid.

Recently, Kiambu Governor William Kabogo and nominated Senator Paul Njoroge have suggested that Mr Ruto shouldn’t expect automatic support for the presidency from the Jubilee party upon the lapse of President Kenyatta’s term.

Governor Kabogo has since recanted his statement.

Here is Mr Buku’s full statement.

His Excellency the President has been categorical about the 2022 Jubilee ticket. He has made it very clear that the party will fully back Deputy President William Ruto.

First, the President has explained that 10 years of his own term are not long enough to implement the grand plan Jubilee has for Kenya. He has pointed out this super plan needs about 20 years to implement.

The President is at the heart of Kenya’s transformation through mega infrastructure, energy generation and distribution, quality education, modernising agriculture and industrialisation, among others.

The DP has been part of the agenda. It is, therefore, crucial that he be the one to take the agenda forward.

Two, Jubilee has brought bountiful peace not only in the Rift Valley, but also in many other conflict-prone areas. The Jubilee ticket of President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto is good for its supporters and good for Kenya.

Three, the DP is doing an excellent job and has proved his abilities, acumen and diligence as a leader. Those haranguing the country over the 2022 election are wasting their time.

The reaction of Jubilee supporters and many other Kenyans have been absolutely clear in their support for the Deputy President.

Munyori Buku

Senior Director of Public Communication

State House