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Ruto deletes video of bribe-seeking cop after KOT label him ‘blogger’

Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday deleted a video clip of an Administration Police officer who was filmed fighting with charcoal dealers over bribe.

After deleting the tweet, the DP later tweeted that the issue of the police officer mishandling locals in Marafa, Kilifi was brought to his attention by Magarini MP Michael Kingi.

“I promptly informed security officers of the same and the IG has acted. The officer will appear in court. We should be civil and humane in handling the public,” the DP said.

The rogue officers has since been dismissed from service, according to Coast police boss Rashid Yakub.

In the video, the unidentified officer is seen arguing boda boda riders transporting charcoal. As the confrontation gets heated, the officer draws his gun and threatening them.

One of the boda boda riders is heard telling the officer that he had already been given money to allow transportation of the charcoal.

“Sasa si umeshapewa pesa? Si umepewa pesa?… Sisi tuko tu kazi ,” he says.


After arguing for almost seven minutes, the officer later gets into the vehicle and drives away.

In his tweet, Ruto said that impunity cannot be allowed and that the rogue officer will be arraigned for his actions.

“There is no room for impunity even during this time when all systems are geared towards dealing with corona pandemic,” he said.

He urged Kenyans to keep vigil as they adhere to the directives given by the Ministry of Health to curb further spread of coronavirus.

However, minutes later, the DP deleted the video after Kenyans on Twitter labelled him a ‘blogger’.