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Rongai finally has an anthem and it’s dope – VIDEO

Rongai ‘republic’ can now claim to have its own anthem, courtesy of Afro-fusion singer Hulda Serro.

The relatively new artiste in the Kenyan music scene has just released a new hit titled Rongai, that captures everyday life to the majority of Kenya women who use public transport to go about their business.

It’s a story of boy meets girl and after going out for a while, she realizes that he is not the man she thought he was.

Hulda’s song is also about her pain as she go seek him at his residence in Rongai aboard the notorious matatus.

“I’m on my way, to Rongai, just to hear him tell a lie…” the singer busts out in her mellow voice in one of the verses.

The song, produced by the man behind some of Sauti Sol’s songs, Fancy Fingers, is soft and mellow with some reggae beats.