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Restaurateur recalls moment she hit Sh30m ‘Angukia Chapaa’ jackpot

Lucy Karanja is the newest millionaire in town after she won the Sh30 million grand prize of the ‘Angukia Chapaa na 29009’ competition.

Ms Karanja was accompanied by her husband, Peter Kimani, and her brother, Geoffery Wanjihia, to Nation Centre to collect her cheque and for the photo session.

The restaurateur from Mai Mahiu recalled how she was preparing food for her lunch-time customers when she got the life changing call from NTV informing her of her windfall.

“When I first got the call, we were not able to communicate clearly, so I didn’t know who it was. Then my phone’s battery died. I charged it for a little while and then got another call. This time I understood it was from Dr King’ori from the Angukia Chapaa competition. I didn’t believe him when he said that I had won,” Ms Karanja said shortly after receiving her cheque for Sh30 million.

The news finally sunk in after the official announcement of the winner was made shortly before the 7pm news on NTV.


“I was still in the restaurant and all my customers were watching. When they announced my number, I told them that it was mine but they didn’t believe me. After hearing my voice from the phone call earlier that day, that’s when they believed me,” she narrated.

Ms Karanja has not made any concrete plans on how to spend her newly found fortune, but says that the first thing she’ll do is to give her tithe in church.

Angukia Chapaa na 29009 competition is a Nation Media Group SMS-based consumer promotion aimed at rewarding NTV viewers.

The interactive competition was also used to promotes the NTV brand by engaging users on questions partially related to programming and general knowledge.

Prizes were won hourly, daily, weekly and monthly before the grand draw that took place on Monday, December 18, 2017.