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Respect hustlers, Ruto tells Raila in clap back

Deputy President William Ruto has told off ODM party leader Raila Odinga for saying that theft of public resources is now called hustling.

The DP has styled himself as a self-made politician going by the ‘hustler’ brand.

He was responding to ODM party leader Raila Odinga who, without naming names, said it was unfortunate that some politicians resorted to inciting their constituents when corrupt public officers are sacked.

“The theft of public resources is now called hustling. The sacking of corrupt and incompetent individuals is now called targeting our people. Changing this pattern of events is not going to be easy. But it must and has to be done or we will have no nation to save,” Odinga tweeted.

The DP took a screenshot of Odinga’s tweet and shared it by saying that the privilege of being Vice President’s son was no license for him to insult hustlers.

He added that Kenyans hustling as bodabodas, hawkers, traders, small SME’s, were not thieves “but decent hard working citizens deserving respect. ‘Ama mtoto wa maskini akipata ameiba, lakini wa tajiri akiiba ni biashara’,” Ruto said.

Ruto has previously insisted that he can account for his wealth but has refused to state how much he is worth.