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Research: Daily orgasm keeps prostate cancer away

An orgasm a day, keeps prostate cancer a bay. This is according to a recent research by Harvard Medical School that found out that for men in their forties, a daily orgasm can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by over 20 per cent.

The study followed nearly 32,000 healthy men over 18 years, almost 4,000 of whom went on to develop prostate cancer.

Researchers found that men between 40 to 49 years of age who ejaculated at least 21 times per month were 22 per cent less likely to develop the disease than those who ejaculated between four and seven times per month.


Dr Jennifer Rider of Harvard Medical School said that “While these data are the most compelling to date on the potential benefit of ejaculation on prostate cancer development, they are observational data and should be interpreted somewhat cautiously.”

Last year, a study carried out researchers at the University of Montreal concluded that men who had sex with more than 20 women were 19 per cent less likely to develop the most aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Orgasms have frequently been linked to healthy bodies in both men and women with their ability to relieve and relax the body linked to the benefits.