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Research: Curvy ladies are very intelligent

It has always been known that men find curvy women more attractive and that they live longer than their apple-shaped peers.

Now research suggests that women with a wasp figure are brighter and have cleverer children compared to those with apple-shaped bodies.

The study also found that women with large hips and small waists are more intelligent than those with plump or rounded bodies.

The research suggests that this is possibly as a result of higher levels of Omega3 fatty acids in the hips.

Cognitive tests

The researchers believe that the results explain why many men find curvy women more alluring.

Scientists at the Universities of Pittsburgh and California, used data from a study of 16,000 women and girls, which collected details of their body measurements and their scores in cognitive tests.

They found that those women with a greater difference between the waist and hips scored significantly higher on the tests, as did their children.

Such women are not necessarily skinny. What is important is that their waist should be smaller than their hips.

The researchers suggest that the fat around fuller hips and thighs holds higher levels of Omega3 fatty acids which are essential for the growth of the brain during pregnancy.

Fat around the waist may have higher levels of Omega6 fatty acids, which are less suited to brain growth.