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Reps want county to get its own printing press

Nairobi County wants its own press to fast-track printing of Bills and other legislative material.

Currently, the Bills are printed by the Government Press which also serves the National Assembly, the Senate and other counties, an issue that sometimes causes legislative delays, according to Ngara Ward Rep Chege Mwaura.

Members of the Assembly said they have a heavy legislative mandate owing to the importance of the county.

According to the Assembly clerk Jacob Ngwele, Nairobi is leading the way with regard to legislation compared to other counties.

“Nairobi County Assembly is the second largest legislative body in the country after the National Assembly. We have passed eight bills while the Senate has just one Act,” he added.

They spoke during a breakfast meeting between the Nation Media Group and the County Assembly.

NMG Chief Operating Officer Tom Mshindi said the company fully supports devolution and has been articulating county issues in its various platforms. 

He said NairobiNews was particularly started as a platform for reflecting what goes on in the city as well as a forum for discussing issues affecting the capital.

“For over 50 years we (NMG) have continuously worked to reflect various developments this country has gone through. Starting NairobiNews was not an accident. We want to be part of chroniclers of that development (devolution).”