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Removal of roundabouts draws mixed reactions

The move to remove roundabouts on key roads in Nairobi has been received with mixed feelings by motorists and commuters.

Over the weekend, the Nairobi County government made adjustments to five roundabouts which are notorious for causing traffic snarl ups during rush hour.

Motorists will now not be able to make right turns on most of the roundabouts with U-turns created to take care of that.

However, most motorists had not sampled the new changes as a result of the long Easter weekend. Tuesday was day one for most and the reactions were mixed.

Vincent Awange (@VincentAwange) said: “Bunyala/Baricho roads no vehicles. Kudos to the cops at Nyayo assisting motorists with directions. Patience is key.”

Sera Njoro tweeted: “waiyaki way smooth as a baby’s bum both to and from town! Now headed to Mombasa road :-(.”

David Indeje said cutting off right turns made sense as he used just 20 minutes to get to his office.


“This new arrangement at roundabouts seem to be working,,,at least from what I can see. Let’s be optimistic about this change,” added Dan Huhu.

But some motorists have slammed the new arrangement saying it had only created more problems.

“Using #MombasaRoad as a gauge,we can say that the plan to rid the City of roundabouts is falling flat on its face. Jam aplenty!” said @AngKavi.

John Masiwe said he had been stuck on Mombasa Road for three hours.

“Traffic on #MombasaRoad crazy, stretching almost 3Km. @county_nairobi,” protested @_Otiego.

A Twitter user @Inchwara said he had taken two hours from Imara Daima to Capital Center. “By the time I’m town, it will be 6PM, he added.

Another tweeter @JopsyKathure wondered what traffic mess was being sorted out as she had been stuck in traffic on Mombasa Road with no movement.

“I bought a newspaper and have read whole of while in Mombasa road from cabanas now I need a second one, added @jeconeskj.