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Red flag raised over City Park

A lobby has accused the county government of turning a deaf ear to its concerns over the encroachment of City Park by a private developer.

Friends of City Park say they reported the matter last month but no response had been forthcoming.

Take action

“The encroachment entails clearing of bushes on the north side of the park behind the War Veterans Cemetery and adjacent to the Joseph Murumbi Memorial,” read a statement.

The group said the 60-hectares park was under threat of destruction by private developers and called on the concerned authorities to take action.

When contacted, two government departments shifted the blame to one another.

County director of environment Dr Leah Oyake Ombis said she was not aware of the encroachment and instead apportioned the blame to the planning ministry. 

County director for city planning John Barreh also said he was not aware. Any complaints, he said, should be raised in writing. 

He said: “It has not been brought to my attention. It should be addressed to us in writing.”

He pointed the accusing finger back to his environment counterpart saying the such an issue lay in her docket.

Furthermore, he said she had officers on the ground.

“They should know what is happening. When such issues are brought to us we discuss.” said Mr Barreh.

City Park is a national monument that was gazetted in 2009.