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A rebranded Sonko appeared on JKL and Twitter is panicking

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko drew mixed reactions from a surprised social media audience, after he appeared on the popular Jeff Koinange Live show on Wednesday night looking all calm and collected.

And while at it, the outgoing Nairobi Senator, who is Jubilee Party’s city gubernatorial aspirant ahead of the August elections made some interesting revelations.

He commenced by offering his political rival Peter Kenneth an opportunity to work alongside him, even hinting he was ready to name him as his running mate.

This declaration provided a real change of heart for Sonko, who as recently as last week referred to Kenneth as an “enemy” and swore to “never ever” work with him.

Sonko also confirmed that he had a gentleman’s MoU with Margaret Wanjiru, but was quick to add that it is now “null and void” although he also extended his hand to work with her.

The popular politician also announced his monthly take home pay is Sh1,000. He added that the rest of his Sh1.1 million salary was channeled towards paying off loans he took to acquire the personnel and vehicles for his “Sonko Rescue Team”.

Sonko also refused to respond to barbs from his rivals including Evans Kidero and Miguna Miguna, and precisely refused to take up a challenge from the later to spell the word Governor.

He however warned that he had extensive “dossiers” against the duo and instead challenged show host Jeff Koinange to organise for a threesome debate.

Sonko also insisted that he isnt in the business of selling drugs, adding that he is rich because God continuous rewarding him for being generous.

It was, however, the appearance of a clean shaven and soft spoken Mike Sonko, clad in a designer suit and matching shirt and tie that caught the eye of the audience. The decision to also do away with his trademark blings and jewelry, and upmarket dress code seemed to have worked wonders.

Here are some of the reactions.