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Reality shows yet to prove their worth

The dream to be a singer usually starts in the shower or in the church choir for most of us and it is only with time that we realise singing is not only about opening our mouths and producing sounds.

Amazing singers can attest that they did not become good at what they do in the blink of an eye — it takes time, patience and commitment.

With the singing bug having stung Kenyans, there was the need to develop music reality shows like Tusker Project Fame to guide this raw talent.

However, we are yet to see an accomplished singer from any of these music reality shows.

TPF has been around for six years and it is disturbing that every year an official from the show makes a speech quoting only one success story, Valerie Kimani who won TPF1.

How is it that the contestants who are eliminated do better than the winners? That is a question that I hope last year’s TPF winner Hope Irakoze from Burundi will answer.

TPF5 winner Ruth Matete said, when contacted for a comment: “I do not want to give any interview until I release my album which I am working on. It has 12 songs and I am hopeful that I will release it very soon.”