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Raila to Ruto: We wish you well in your efforts to ‘stop reggae’

ODM party leader Raila Odinga has refuted claims that his signature song Nobody Can Stop Reggae is his way of throwing shades at the Deputy President William Ruto.

In an interview with a local news outlet, the former Prime Minister stated the DP had actually supported him in the theme of the song before abruptly making a u-turn and declaring that he would stop reggae.


“This is an old song, it was not sung yesterday to target specific individuals. These people who see evil in every other corner… who fear for themselves. This is not aimed at Dr William Ruto. Ruto is one of the 47 million Kenyans, we cannot come up with a program to target him,” Odinga said.

“Whoever thought that Ruto was going to oppose (BBI)? He first said he was supporting (it) then he began growing hot and cold. Now he says he is opposed to it. He says he is going to stop reggae. We wish him all the best,” Odinga said.

The ODM leader further urged the DP to join hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta in the fight against corruption instead of frustrating the efforts to curb the vice by being on the opposing side.

Mr Odinga clarified that there was no bad blood between him and Dr Ruto, stating that he was actually the one who drew the DP in the fight for change and was also instrumental in sharpening his political career.


“I don’t want to fight people. What for? At my age? I went and recruited him (Ruto) and brought him into the movement for change. I helped him sharpen himself and his tactics and so on. I have nothing against William Ruto,” Odinga said.

He however seemed to fire a salvo at the DP’s numerous contributions in church and religious events.

Odinga, who is the special envoy to the African Union (AU), also rubbished claims of political dynasties in the country.

“We have no dynasties in this country. In Kenya we have got leaders who have suffered in the struggle to get this country free. Jomo Kenyatta was a mere metre reader for the City Council. Then he rose up and went to England to further his education came back and led the independent movement. He was imprisoned, hard labor and detained for nine years. There is nothing he himself inherited from his parents,” Odinga said.