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Raila promises plum jobs to Nairobi ODM primaries losers

The National Super Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga Friday reached out to city politicians who lost in the ODM party primaries.

He asked them to be patient and not rock the party from within but focus on delivering the presidency.

Mr Odinga told those who lost that they would be considered for jobs in the national government if Nasa wins the election and if the current Nairobi governor, Dr Evans Kidero, is re-elected.

“I know they are many who are aggrieved. We will rectify all the mistakes made during the primaries. Let us aim for the top job. Let us come together and forget what has happened,” Mr Odinga told the party’s Nairobi aspirants at Charter Hall.


The Nasa flag-bearer blamed the dissenting voices coming from the nominations on Jubilee Party for “forcing on the people a draconian party hopping law” that stopped aggrieved aspirants from moving to other parties.

“This battle has been caused by Jubilee because of fear of losing members during the nominations.

“They brought forth a Bill in Parliament blocking those defeated or short changed in the process from going to other parties,” he said.

He claimed the refusal by the government to give parties funds to conduct their primaries properly played a big role in the challenges and cases arising from the exercise.


He said ODM was overwhelmed with the exercise as they had to print ballot boxes, get presiding and returning officers, county coordinators and other staff, and also train their staff just like in the main election but on meagre resources.

“We only had slightly over Sh200 million collected from aspirants’ deposits to conduct the nominations yet IEBC has been given Sh40 billion to conduct the General Election, which is more or less similar to the nominations,” he said.

The ODM party leader defended Dr Kidero’s record in the city and placed blame on the national government, which he accused of frustrating the devolved units by giving them less funds and failing to pay back debts they owed counties.

He dismissed the candidacy of Mike Sonko and Polycarp Igathe, saying residents of Nairobi were not ready for “actors” but wanted a governor who understood devolution.