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Raila claims spy agency importing voters from Uganda, Ethiopia

Cord leader Raila Odinga has claimed that the National Intelligence Service (NIS) is interfering with voter registration by listing voters in Uganda and Ethiopia.

The opposition leader, in a statement on Tuesday, said the spy agency is assisting Ugandan and Ethiopia citizens acquire Kenyan identification cards for voter registration.

“The NIS is also interfering with the voter registration process by having youths whose data were collected through the dubious National Youth Service exercise over the last few years and registering them as voters, without their knowledge. This NIS-driven process is responsible for the multiple registrations, shared identity cards and many cases of people who are captured as registered when indeed they had never done so,” stated Mr Odinga.


The Cord co-principal stated that the agency had in 2013 and 2007 had some of its officers absorbed as polling clerks to influence the elections.

“In the 2013 elections, NIS had its officers absorbed into the ranks of the IEBC as polling clerks and other strategic positions with the sole aim of helping Jubilee attain a dubious victory. In 2007, NIS was deeply involved in ballot stuffing among other irregularities to help the PNU win,” he stated.

Mr Odinga said IEBC should be left to work independently as provided for in the constitution.

“The intelligence agency must equally operate as a politically non-partisan and independent institution whose duty it is to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process and not interfere with it,” he added.


Mr Odinga challenged the agency to come clean and state publicly that it will not interfere with the voter registration as well as the elections.

“We wish to make it clear to the Director-General of the NIS Major-General Philip Wachira Kameru and the entire leadership of the agency that this country will never accept another NIS-led electoral theft. NIS will break down this nation and send it to the dogs, if it continues on this path of seeking to influence election results by way of fraud,” he stated.