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Rachier: ‘Mugabe’ ‘Museveni’ chants have chased me from Gor

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier says he has been pushed out of the club by a section of critics who accuse him of overstaying in power.

He has also confirmed that he spent a personal fortune of about Sh100 million at the club during his decade long reign, and will not ask for a refund.

“There are people who referred to me as (former Zimbabwe President) Mugabe, others said I am (Uganda President Yoweri) Museveni allegedly because I overstayed in power. Now I am leaving and inviting them to come on board and see what running a club entails,” said Rachier.

The respected lawyer also declared that he will be quitting football management altogether.

“I will not offer my candidature during the next Gor Mahia elections in December. Neither will I contest for the FKF elections next year. I am done with football management.

“Maybe I will retreat to run an academy in my home village just to nurture those talents and also give back to society.”

“I have spent over Sh100 million on this club and I do not intend to ask for it. It is not good to spend personal money in these things but when there is no money what do you do?”

Rachier thanked Gor fans and players for their support and ranks the multiple league titles he won at the club as his main achievement.