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Quix votes for kits after losing polls

After failing to become Nairobi Senator, Richard Nyakwaka has struck gold as a sports kit maker.

He tried his luck in politics in the last general election but coming sixth in a contest won by Mike Sonko did not dampen his spirits. As a sports enthusiast, he fell back to his long time love: rugby.

Besides playing for Mwamba Rugby Club, Nyakwaka established a sportswear line, Quix Sports in December last year.

It was inspired by numerous inquiries he got regarding rugby kits.

“For long, I have referred people who wanted to buy kits to companies abroad. This was before I saw the opportunity that lack of a local sportswear line in the country presented,” says Nyakwaka.

Constant supply

In the six weeks he has been in the business of producing sports gear, the design line has received more than seven bulk orders from local teams including AFC Leopards, Mwamba among others.

Setting up the business was no hard nut to crack since he already had made a name in the sports industry.

It cost him Sh300,000 to start the business. The most crucial part, he said, was building a network. Once established, selling the kits becomes easy since he has a ready market.

“Every sports discipline has its fanatics and the market base is huge,” says Nyakwaka.

Instead of the locals importing expensive sports gear, Quix Sports is offering an opportunity for individuals to acquire quality but affordable kit.

Having a rich history in rugby has also helped Nyakwaka  drive sales of his sportswear line up.

Together with former Kenya Sevens coach Benjamin Ayimba, he founded the Masaku Sevens which attracts more than  15,000 fans every year. He is also co-founder of Masaku Rugby Club which plays in the Nationwide League.

To ensure constant supply, he has entered into partnership with a factory in Industrial Area for printing of the kit. He also works closely with friends in design, advertising and branding.

Quix Sports also sells customised replica jerseys. For instance, a Mwamba Rugby Club jersey goes for Sh2,500. The