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Put down your choc eggs and climb rocks

The Easter holiday is upon us and with most schools closed, many Nairobians will either be travelling or planning to take it easy during this long weekend.

For those of us not leaving town, there are still so many things to do in the city that the whole family can enjoy.

Blue Sky Rock Climbing Gym in Diamond Plaza provides a different kind of fun. It is not your usual, lunch and drinks type of plan but wholesome, family-friendly fun for everyone.

Enthusiasts take up the challenge.
Enthusiasts take up the challenge.

And no, you don’t have to be in shape to take on a day of rock climbing, although it would be much easier for you if you were already fit.


For a full day pass, all you need is just Sh700 and a pair of  sneakers. Or you can hire their climbing shoes for Sh300.

The trainers at the gym are always on hand to assist, especially with children and adults who are trying rock climbing for the first time.

This gym not only offers rock climbing but table tennis and tight rope walking as well — a perfect mix of fun, sporting activities to keep your children occupied or to challenge your peers with, as opposed to the usual Easter plans of painting Easter eggs and eating chocolate bunnies …

An added bonus is its perfect location.  After a couple of hours of fun and intense rock climbing, you and your party can retire to the plethora of restaurants found at Diamond Plaza and have a bite to refuel.

I recommend getting some bhajias while you’re there. I believe they are the best in town.

So, forget about hanging out in bars and clubs this Easter. Step out of your comfort zone, and your sofa and try something new. You never know, it may become a favourite pastime soon enough.