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Pupils smoking bhang in classrooms

Pupils as young as 10 are smoking bhang and chewing miraa during and between classes, a psychologist has revealed.

The most affected are schools in areas surrounded by slums and the academic performance of such learners has continued to deteriorate as pupils puff and chew the drugs.

“I have caught some of my pupils with some rolls of bhang and glue which they sniff at intervals during and between lessons,” said Mrs Norah Beldina,  also a teacher at Muthurwa Primary School.

“These learners often use vulgar language and spend most of their time sleeping in classrooms,” she said.

The behavioural expert said the slum environment where drug abuse was rampant was to blame for the alarming use of drugs by the children.

Muthurwa Primary has about 670 pupils, most of whom  live in the vulnerable surrounding.

Mrs Jane Mwaura, the head teacher, admitted that pupils were involved in drugs abuse, but added they were playing their role as teachers to reduce such cases.

“We have introduced a health club in our school where pupils are taught about hygiene and HIV/Aids as well as the dangers of drug abuse,” she noted.

Mrs Beldina however called on the Government to entrench a curriculum where learners were taught about drug abuse.

“Going by this worrying trend, we’re all culpable.

The Government must invest in sex education in all schools and engage the neighbouring communities,” she said.

She added: “The County Government should carry out an awareness programme and sensitise the learners as well as their parents on dangers of drugs and HIV/Aids.”