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Publishers raise red flag on unapproved books

Publishers have condemned the issuance of free books to public schools by humanitarian organisations whose content has not been approved by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).

According to the Kenya Publishers Association, USAid and Dfid have collaborated with the Ministry of Education in publishing and distributing the books to schools.

The publishers claim the book are meant to replace current course books being used in schools.

The also claim that Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development was bypassed in the distribution of the books.

The books, according to the publishers, are for the lower classes. They are for English, Kiswahili and Math subjects.

The Association has now given the Ministry of Education 14 days to stop the distribution of the books. Some of the books have been distributed within Nairobi. 

Speaking during a press briefing at Boulevard Hotel, Kenya Publishers Association chairman Lawrence Njagi said the issuance of text books to schools without the approval of KICD is illegal.

He said the association will move to court if the Education ministry fails to stop distribution of the books.

“We have no issue with schools being issued with books, all we want is the donor and the Kenyan Government to include relevant bodies to ensure the content in the books is in accordance to the curriculum,” said Mr Njagi.

“Even the quality of the books is so poor that they are likely to be worn out in six months yet the locally published books stay up to five years,” added Mr Njagi.

Book Sellers Association Chairman Arthur Kamau said the Ministry ought to realize that there are several stakeholders in the education and heed to such advice when given.

“We are protecting our sector’s quality and do not have any other interests whatsoever, so let the due procurement process be followed before further distribution,” added Kamau.