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Protesters parade donkeys on city streets

City council askaris on Thursday morning impounded 13 out of the 20 donkeys branded ‘Tumechoka’ that were dropped off on Muindi Mbingu street in the morning.

The donkeys were said to have been brought in a lorry early morning by people suspected to be civil rights activist and let loose on the streets.

When Nairobi News contacted activist Boniface Mwangi to inquire on the motive of the action, he said that a statement would be issued in the course of the day.

Hours later, a movement dubbed ‘Tumechoka’ issued a press statement on the launch of the movement and online conversations on the change Kenyans want.


“Over the next few weeks and months we will drive conversations both online and offline with a key focus on several thematic areas that affect the day to day lives of ordinary Kenyans,” read the statement in part.

The statement did not make any connection to the early morning incident.

It, however, mentioned donkeys in part stating, “Many Kenyans are feeling like beasts of burden, donkeys serving the privileged few.”

Tumechoka is a movement initiated by a group of Kenyans who say they hope to play their roles as active citizens and offer practical solutions for political and social change.

The launch of the movement and the dumping of donkeys comes on the eve of Jamuhuri day celebrations to mark the country’s 51st anniversary as a republic.