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Bizarre infant ‘baptism’ that has shocked netizens – VIDEO

A catholic priest has captured the attention of netizens with his unconventional way of ‘baptizing’ children.

In the christian church, baptism is a religious rite done by sprinkling water onto a person’s forehead, or immersion in water (for adults), symbolizing purification.

However, the priest in the video pours bucketful of water and completely drenching the infants who are held up by adults – presumably their parents – for the rite.

The video starts with the priest standing next to large basins filled with water. Mothers with their children then begin lining up, and he then proceeds by pouring water at the children.

The unidentified priest did not stop there; the adults in the video were also given the opportunity to pour water on the children in the name of baptism, undeterred by the wailing of the children.

Some of the infants can be seen gasping to breath in the midst as torrents of water is poured directly on top of their heads.