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Pregnant woman stabbed to death by husband of 15 years

A mother of seven has succumbed to injuries sustained in an attack by her husband of 15 years.

Ms Uba Hassan Aliow, 30, suffered a single deep stab in the stomach according to a postmortem report prepared at Mandera Referral Hospital where she died.

Mr Feisal Ibrahim Yussuf is reported to have stabbed his wife on Saturday evening over unknown reasons, according to close relatives.

The report indicates the woman had a penetrated abdominal trauma that severed her left lope of the liver.


“She vomited blood and lost a lot of blood from the injured liver leading to death,” concludes the report.

A medical officer at Mandera County Referral Hospital denied reports that the victim was delayed before getting into theater for an emergency operation after admission.

“The patient was brought in on Saturday at around 9pm and was calm but on Sunday morning a decision was made to take her to theater which was within the set 24 hour period,” said the medical officer who wished not to be named due to sensitivity of the matter locally.

Mandera Woman rep Amina Gedow blamed maslaha for the increase in domestic violence in the county.

Maslaha is a local mechanism to resolve conflicts and disputes supervised by clan elders.

“We have to abolish maslaha in our society to get rid of such incidents that are on the rise in Mandera,” she said.


Under maslaha, clan elders through a kangaroo court, agree on a certain payment for any life lost without spelling out punishment for the offenders.

“Most men are taking advantage of this arrangement to commit serious crimes and end up (being) freed by elders even where life has been lost,” she said.

The MP wants a bold line drawn between types of crimes to be settled by elders and those to be handed over to government institutions.


Ms Aliow was pregnant with her seventh child from the same husband who turned out to be a monster ending her life.

Mandera East DCIO Henry Kiambati confirmed the suspect was in custody and that police were piecing together evidence before preferring charges against him.

Unconfirmed reports indicated the marriage has been on the rocks for a while but elders have always intervened and ruled in favor of the husband.