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Preacher ‘busted’ with brother-in-law’s pregnant wife – PHOTOS & VIDEO

Drama unfolded on Wednesday in a house in Skuta Estate, Nyeri town, after a preacher was openly flogged by his wife and brother-in-law.

The bishop, identified as Timothy Wanyoike, was accused of flirting with his brother-in-law’s pregnant wife in her house.

“He has been preying on my wife for a very long time and today we had to put an end to it. Leo tumemnasa (Today we have caught him),” said Josh Kariuki.

Margaret confronts her husband during the scuffle. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI
Margaret confronts her husband during the scuffle. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI

The preacher was ambushed in the house after his wife and Mr Kariuki set a trap by pretending to be away from home. Mr Kariuki and the preacher’s wife, Ms Margaret Macharia, are siblings.


The preacher’s wife accused him of habitual infidelity that has dented their marriage.


Unaware of the trap, the preacher visited the house of his in-law where the woman was alone. He claimed he wanted to give spiritual counselling and financial support to his in-laws who have been having marital issues.

“I just came to give counseling. The wife told me they have been having issues and have had to even skip meals,” he pleaded.

WhatsApp-Image-2017-08-02-at-15.03.05 PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI

His pleas fell on deaf ears as his wife and brother-in-law descended on him with slaps, blows, kicks and the occasional strokes of cane as neighbours watched in dismay from a distance.


Unable to defend his case, the clergyman was forced to flee the home bare feet as his attackers pursued him with more blows and kicks.

Police officers on patrol ended the encounter by ferrying him away in a police vehicle.