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Posh girl Elachi: Medical condition forces me to fly First Class only – VIDEO

Embattled Nairobi Speaker Beatrice Elachi has admitted on national television that she has a condition that forces her fly First Class only.

Ms Elachi, addressing journalists at her office, said she has a medical conditions that does not even allow her to travel Business Class.

“It’s unfortunate that I will have to talk today about my medical condition I have had even in the senate. Because of that medical condition and that is why I never used to travel a lot because of my condition which I do not want to talk about it, but even in the senate they would pay (First Class tickets) because of my condition.”

She added: “It is not because you want prestige no, because even Business Class is prestige. So it is a condition that when I do not (fly First Class), sometimes when you arrive you find yourself being carried by an ambulance.”

Kenyans on Twitter were left in shock at the kind of medical condition that makes a person only fly First Class.

@ougamandela tweeted; “I am curious to know how she moved around during the 2017 campaigns in Dagoretti North which is not in the air! This kind of sickness only strikes people once they get into public office! #HistoryOftheCursed.”

@KimathiNjebi said; “Huyu ni wale walikuwa wanakunyua chai chocolate coz majani inawaharibikia tumbo.”

@AnthonyMikwa asked; “Which condition is it?”

@NelimaKokonya wrote, “When you find out please let me know. I am so curious; “the medical condition” even distinguishes between business class and first class!”

@MunaiG said; “Please stop this madness!”

@wanyoike_ken commented; “You’ve got to be kidding me what con-dition is this?”

@lucilleonyango said; “Why do politicians have drama like this the other day another couldn’t fit her assets in economy class. Now this one has some medical condition i tuhame Kenya. .We let these politicians fundraise for their own luxuries. I wonder which African country will accept us.”

@KipropLewis tweeted; “That condition detects first class?”

@1victormutero said; “Instead of all this Hullabaloos, let Nairobi county pay her business class and any extra fee be remitted to her account. She will find the cure to her illness in three months’ time instead of 5 years.”

@RSwaleh said; “Pure wasting of public resources, does she pay with her own money or what, these public servants must learn that tax payers money is not to make them comfortable, anyone who needs special treatment should pay for themselves.”