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Policewomen directed to drop fancy hairstyles from January

Police bosses have turned the heat on policewomen accusing them of disregarding the dress code for the National police Service by particularly donning colourful hairstyles.

Deputy Inspector General of police G Edward Mbugua says that during a recent tour of various police facilities around the country, he noted that officers in all ranks have flouted the NPS dress code while in uniforms.

In an internal memo to regional police and formation commanders, the police boss said he also observed that the head dress for Muslim officers has been changed from what had been agreed earlier.

NPS has allowed female Muslim officers to wear thick black scarf but Mbugua says the same has been irregularly changed to coloured ones.

“I observed with dismay, exaggeration of hair/weave styles and over coloured hairdos. Some officers could not even put on peaked caps or berets. As from January 1 – 2020, these overdone hairstyles will not be accepted,” Mbugua lamented in a directive issued on December 20.

“There is need to recognize that uniform is a sign of authority and it should be accorded the respect it deserves.”

Mbugua directed regional, commanders of all police formations and directorates to enforce his directives.