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Policeman who was face of disaster relief hits rock bottom after demotion

Pius Masai, the former deputy director of the National Management Disaster Unit, has finally shared his story of persistent frustrations within the police force that have led to his demotion.

Mr Masai took to Facebook on Thursday to claim he was being victimised despite his good track record.

He said he has been demoted from deputy director of the disaster unit to a regional staff officer in Nyanza.

Mr Masai used to be the face of government’s response to disaster, always briefing the country on rescue operations at the site of calamities. His efforts at the site of a collapsed five-storey building in Huruma in 2018 stood out.

But his performance appears not to have impressed his superiors.


He claims he started receiving interdiction letters for breaching protocol and “responding to calamities without getting clearance from his seniors”.

“I have received a total of three interdiction letters which all state that I take action without briefing my superior. Which is a lie, in all my jobs I first brief my director Francis Wanjohi and wait for him to give me the go ahead before acting on them,” he posted on Facebook.

He lodged an internal complaint for unfair treatment but nothing has come of it.

Speaking to Nairobi News on phone, Mr Masai claims things got worse after he lodged the formal complaint, with his superior harassing him to withdraw the accusations.

“I was called to record statement with internal affairs. But the complaint has not been reached a conclusion and later Mr Wanjohi said that he had to withdraw the complaint. I defended myself and stood my ground,” he said.


He added: “After that small disagreement, my boss and I went to a function in Malindi and when we came back to Nairobi I was handed a letter telling me that I have been transferred from the NDMU to a staff officer in Nyanza.”

He says he accepted his fate and in October 2018 moved to Nyanza to start his new job.

However according to him even after being demoted he is still being frustrated by the same senior officials.

“Several times I have complained through the internal systems but no good solutions. Internal systems have failed to assist me at all therefore forcing me to appeal to the Kenyan People and our beloved President of Kenya to intervene and save the masses,” he posted

He added: “Politely, with respect I now appeal to the incoming Inspector General National Police to continue supporting and protecting the affected masses in the Service so as to receive fair treatment.”