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This policeman has just schooled Kenyans on English and boda bodas –VIDEO

The video was meant to embarrass him. Instead, a Kenyan policeman in Kisumu has just scored majorly against a blog and some Kenyans who had wanted to ridicule what they assumed was his bad English.

The video that has been making rounds on social media is branded

It shows a policeman addressing the media about an accident involving a motorcycle.

The rider had two pillion passengers. So, when the policeman makes reference to two “pillion passengers”, he is misconstrued to be saying “two billion passengers,” according to the sub-titles.

But a quick run through the dictionary shows that the policeman was right.

For starters, a pillion is the space behind a motorcycle rider’s seat.

So, when a person sits on that space, he or she is called a pillion passenger. And when they are two, like in the accident, they are “two pillion passengers”.