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Impostor watchmen on the prowl, warn police

Police in Nairobi have raised an alarm at the increasing cases of home robberies committed by thieves masquerading as watchmen.

According to the police, that ‘watchman’ seeking employment in your in estate may actually be a member of a criminal gang or their informer.

Collaboration between watchmen and criminal gangs is an emerging trend in raids on neighbourhoods, security officials say.

Worse still, some of the watchmen carry out the robberies themselves.

“City dwellers have to be very careful with the kinds of people they employ as watchmen and house helps. They must be vetted and known well,” Nairobi County police chief, Benson Kibui said. 

He said there have been several cases of private watchmen robbing their employers in several homes in the city.

“They either have a network or are bribed by the robbers when they arrive at the gate. In most of the reported cases, the watchman was in touch with the robbers before they strike” he said.

He asked Nairobi residents to have good knowledge of whoever they employ to guard their property.