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Police shoot two robbers dead in Riruta

Police shot dead two armed robbers in Riruta on Monday night and recovered two homemade guns and a Somali sword.

The thugs were part of a gang of four who had been robbing members of the public within Wangige Road.

“People who had been robbed alerted the police at the Riruta police station and when they (police) went to the scene, they found the four robbing members of the public,” Nairobi County Police Commandant Benson Kibui said.

He said the thugs even tried accosting the police. The gang was asked to surrender the guns but they declined.

One of the gangsters, he said, drew a gun which turned out to be homemade and shot at the police officers.

“The police shot him together with one who drew a Somali sword and attempted to stab another police officer,” Mr Kibui said.

The other two thugs escaped on foot during the incident and police say they have launched a manhunt.

Mr Kibui admitted that there has been an upsurge in the number of homemade guns in the hands of criminals.