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Police rescue two-year old kidnapped by house help


CID officers have rescued a two-year old baby boy who was kidnapped by a house help in Kiambu. The baby and the house help went missing on Tuesday.

On that day, the mother came from work and found her first born child and the house help missing and she later received a phone call from the kidnapper demanding a ransom of Sh20million failure to which she threatened to kill the child.

The mother reported the matter to the police who advised her not to pay ransom and embarked on an operation to trace the cellphone number of the kidnapper in Ngong town.

On Saturday night they conducted a four hour search in Ngong town and found the kidnapper with the child in a guest house.

The kidnapper, who is said to be an ex-convict, is currently being held at Kiambu Police Station waiting to be arraigned in court on Monday.