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Police recover 500 toy pistols in Dandora

Police in Dandora yesterday (Friday) recovered a gunny bag full of replica guns, handcuffs and various items usually used by the police.

The items, all made of plastic, were collected while being sold to residents of Dandora Phase V oblivious of the security scare they could cause in the area.

According to Dandora Assistant County Commissioner Andrew Kimani, the seller of the more than 500 toy pistols took off before he could be arrested.

“We got a tip off from members of the public and ambushed the seller purporting to sell them to young children as toys,” he said.

He said the guns could be used to scare people during a robbery, to maim and even to threaten especially at night.

“Fake guns are not allowed, for anyone to use. Anyone in the possession of such an item must be licensed. The same applies to the wearing of police uniforms or military fatigues which is strictly prohibited and restricted,” said Mr Kimani.

At the same time a 50-kilogramme sack of marijuana was recovered from Dandora Phase IV in a deserted house, again through information from members of the public.

Dandora has in the recent past been in the news for many cases of crime but the trend seems to be coming down according to the Assistant County Commissioner.

“This has been made possible through proper coordination and information from members of the public and I want to commend them as well as our officers,” he said.

From January 2014, police in the area have recovered five homemade guns and two illegally obtained firearms.