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Police probe death of Ugandan in top Kisumu hotel


Police in Kisumu are investigating circumstances under which a guest was found dead in his room at the prestigious Acacia Premier Hotel.

Mr Mohamed Mukasa, 50, a Ugandan, was found lying in a pool of blood at the sink.

Hotel records indicated that the room had been booked by a Korean diplomat, identified as Kim Inhock on Sunday January 10 and the two were to check out on Tuesday morning.

Some police sources had indicated that the Ugandan may have been shot.

However, regional police coordinator Willy Lugusa refuted the claim saying there was no gunfight at the 4-star hotel.

The hotel management also denied the shooting claims maintaining that the guest collapsed in the room and died.

“It is not true that the guest was shot. He bled a lot but we cannot tell whether he fell at the sink,” said Mr Nazir Khamisa, the Simba Corp chief hospitality officer.


He said that the police searched the bags of the other guest but found no weapon moments after the man died.

However, the diplomat was said to have attempted to check out from the twin-bed room before the hotel security intercepted him at the lobby carrying his luggage.

“When we called the police, they found the Ugandan national had passed on at the bathroom with blood at the sink,” Mr Khamisa said.

Mr Lugusa said the Ugandan had an assortment of drugs in his room suggesting that he might have been sick.

He said the body had no physical injury save for blood that was oozing from the nostrils and mouth.

“The body of the deceased did not exhibit any physical injury,” Mr Lugusa said.

“An autopsy will be conducted on the body which is at Kisumu District Hospital mortuary to ascertain the cause of death,” Mr Lugusa said.