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Police officer who was travelling to his mother-in-law’s burial found in mortuary

A family in Kenze village, Mutomo sub-county in Kitui South has been struck by double grief after their kin, who was a police officer in Kisumu, lost his life in a road accident while travelling to the burial of his mother-in-law.

The body of the police officer was found in a mortuary on Sunday after he had been reported missing days earlier.

The officer had asked for permission to attend his mother-in-law’s burial at the weekend.

Sadly, the officer, identified as Fredrick Mutuku, who was stationed at Kisumu Central Police Station, did not make it to the ceremony which was slated for Saturday.

Apparently, he boarded the ill-fated Nairobi-bound Eldoret Express bus which was involved in a grisly road accident in Awasi early on Friday morning.


The officer was among the 13 people who perished in the accident, the police have said.

The passenger bus collided head-on with a trailer at Pala area about 3km from Awasi trading centre in Kisumu County.

When Mutuku failed to communicate with his family members, they sent one of his cousins, who is also a police officer, to find out what had happened.

He went to Ahero Sub-county Hospital in search of the said officer only to find his body lying in the mortuary.