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Police officer arrested after stealing Sh124,000 from M-Pesa agents

A police officer who conned M-Pesa operators in Thika town was on Sunday arrested by members of the public and frogmarched to Thika Police Station.

Constable Isaiah Monda Ontita, of police number 104260/2015039262, who had conned three M-Pesa agents of Sh124,000 in total, was cornered a few minutes after duping his last target of Sh49,000.

According to the police, the officer, who was dressed full police jungle fatigue uniform, first approached an agent whom he requested a deposit of Sh58,000 to his M-Pesa account.

“The M-Pesa agent deposited the amount to his account then he (the officer) began to allege that his phone had some issues. He disappeared before paying,” the police said in a report.

The officer than visited two more M-Pesa shops and applied the same trick and made away with Sh17,000 and Sh49,000 respectively from the two operators.

The officer was, however, cornered by his two last victims who took him to Thika Police Station.

The officer, who attached to Matasia Police Post in Kajiado County is expected to be arraigned in court on Monday.