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Police net Sh1 million in alcoblow fines

The government has collected Sh1.07 million in fines from drunk drivers netted by the breathalyers, also know as alcoblow.

So far 59 Nairobians have been arrested and prosecuted since the breathalyser was re-introduced in December.

Nairobi Traffic commandant Samuel Kimaru however is concerned that magistrates are lenient is is demanding for higher fines.

“The law permits for as much as Sh100, 000 as fine for drunk driving. Magistrates should be more deterrent, they should consider fining offenders at least Sh50, 000,” said Mr Kimaru.

He said those being prosecuted are posting the fines almost immediately and do not feel any pinch because the fines are as low as Sh10, 000.

He nevertheless acknowledged that magistrates fear congesting the already prisons in the country.

“Some of the things are a problem within the system. This should not however deter the magistrates from preventing the offence,” said Mr Kimaru.

In total 85 Nairobi and Mombasa residents have been prosecuted after they were found driving while drunk during the just ended Christmas and New Year festivities.