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Police looking for MP and her husband over vandalism in a pub

Police are looking for Kisumu Women Representative Rose Nyamunga and her husband, former Nyando MP Eric Nyamunga, over vandalism at a popular Kisumu club.

Kisumu Central police boss Peter Omanwa said they have already arrested five people in connection to the Wednesday incident and are looking for the couple to assist them in investigations.


The MP and her husband own the premise which they leased to the proprietor of Vunduba club. But they have lately been embroiled in a legal tussle with their tenant over a disagreement on the lease.

Mr Omanwa said the MP and her husband are linked to the vandalism at the club on Wednesday.

“We have arrested about five youths in connection to the destruction at the club and are looking for the Women Representative and her husband who have been adversely mentioned in the incident,” Mr Omanwa told Nairobi News on phone.

He continued: “The law must be followed. It is not right for anybody regardless of their stature to take the law into their hands. So far we have tried reaching the Women Representative through the OCS in vain.”

The manager of the club, Patrick Mbasa, said the goons stormed the club at around 10am on Wednesday and caused mayhem.

“They completely destroyed the roof top by removing the tiles and the iron sheets and even broke one of the doors to the club,” Mr Mbasa said.


He accused Mrs Nyamunga of inciting the youth to cause destruction at the premise “in a bid to frustrate us to submission and leave his building despite the ongoing legal process.”

“We are aware the youths were paid Sh70,000 to cause the destruction,” he claimed.

Nairobi News could not reach Mrs Nyamunga or her husband on phone.

A source who sought anonymity however exonerated Mr and Mrs Nyamunga from the blame.

“There is no way they could mobilize and pay youth to destroy their own property,” the source said.

But Mr Mbasa insisted that the Woman Representative and her husband have for several months sought to evict them without due process.

“We have a five year lease of this facility beginning last year and they have continued to frustrate us,” Mr Mbasa said.