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Police hunt for men who killed student over beer

Police are looking for two young men accused of killing a student following a scuffle that occurred in a bar within University of Nairobi Kikuyu campus.

James Mugane Muturi, a 24-year-old student at the University of Nairobi’s Kikuyu Campus succumbed to serious injuries inflicted on him after he got into a fight more than two weeks ago with a fellow student and a bartender over spilled beer.

According to his roommate- who spoke on anonymity, the two young men left their room at around 11pm to visit friends before they decided to stop at the school bar Target Inn for a game of pool.

“When Mugane took the cue stick and started playing pool, he accidentally hit and spilled the bartender’s drink that was placed on top of the pool table. They started arguing and Mugane decided to go back to our room to avoid a fight,” says his roommate.

But the bartender followed Mugane on his way to his room and together with another student forced Mugane back into the bar.

“That is when they descended upon my roommate and beat him up. Moses picked the cue stick and hit Mugane on the head causing him to faint. They later carried the unconscious Mugane to our room,” says the roommate.

The next morning the two young men returned to the room and beat up the unconscious student some more and  fled almost immediately.