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Police gun down suspect at Globe Cinema roundabout

Police gunned down a suspected thug at the Nairobi’s Globe Cinema Roundabout Friday evening and recovered a pistol.

The suspect, according to Central Police OCPD Paul Wanjama, was in the company of four others who were planning to rob from the Simlaw Feeds Company.

“We got a tip off that they had planned to attack workers at the company and so we laid an ambush. “When they arrived, the officers tracked their movements and just when they started executing their plan, the officers who were in plain clothes approached them,” Mr Wanjama said.

When the officers asked them to surrender the suspected gangsters, Mr Wanjama said, they ran away but police officers shot and killed one of them who had already drawn a gun.

“We recovered a Ceska Pistol loaded with 13 rounds of ammunition from the suspect and we are pursuing the other three,” he said.

He asked members of the public to give information to police whenever they get to hear of a suspected felony to help in the fight against crime.