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Police bosses cast net on driver who rammed seven cars

Senior police officers at Vigilance house have ordered for thorough investigation into the bizarre accident in which a driver rammed his Range Rover into seven vehicles parked at Hazina estate.

The top officials at police headquarters have further ordered the investigating officers to furnish them with consistent updates.

The early Monday morning incident involved  a middle aged man who rammed his Range Rover SUV into seven vehicles parked outside the middle class estate, leaving behind a trail of destruction estimated to be worth million of shillings.

The man is then said to have resisted arrest and even threatened police officers with a firearm.

“This has become a very big case considering the interest the file is receiving from Vigilance House. In fact we have an officer coming in to specifically handle the case,” a police officer at Industrial Police Station told Nairobi News.

It could not be immediately established whether the man who was driving the car was still in custody by Wednesday afternoon as the Officers manning the station refused to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, Industrial Area Police on Wednesday morning officially released one of the damaged cars to its owner.

The vehicle owner George Bwana, said he requires about Sh300,000 to restore his BMW car back to its previous condition.

“The police asked me to furnish them with the car insurance details, so we are not sure if the guy who damaged our cars will be asked to compensate us in an out of court settlement.” Mr Bwana said.

Three other cars involved in this accident, including the Range Rover, remain at the Station.