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Poet arrested in city centre after police officers mistook his beret

Poet Steve Biko, commonly known as G-cho Pevu, was on Friday arrested in the city centre by police for wearing his trademark black beret.

Two Administration Police officers accosted him near Kencom and began questioning him on why he was in possession of an “official police beret”.

The poet proceeded to explain that the beret had no emblem and was bought at a shop selling second-hand clothes.

“I was on my way to Kencom when suddenly two administration police officers stopped me and started questioning me on my hat. I told them hii mwanzo nimenunuwa mtush and you can find many of them being sold and it does not have an emblem.

“They didn’t want to hear my explanation and told me they will have to take me in. Knowing that I am not on the wrong side I obliged,” G-cho Pevu told Nairobi News in a phone interview..

The AP officers instead bundled him into a patrol car and drove around town with him.

The poet took to Twitter to narrate his predicament. His tweet was quickly shared on social media with a hashtag being created #releaseGchopevuPoet.

The police later released him after two hours, but refused to give him back his beret.

“I wrote a tweet that I have been arrested by police because of my beret and immediately the responses were overwhelming. I think one of them got a whiff of what was going on,  they decided to release me, but refused to give me my hat. All the while I was not afraid because I knew I was not on the wrong,” he told Nairobi News.