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Why this PLO Lumumba’s speech in Church has gone viral – VIDEO

Former anti-graft boss Prof Patrick Lumumba’s speech during a summit at the Nairobi Chapel has gone viral.

Prof Lumumba’s speech on leadership was posted online last week and has been shared hundreds of times and viewed by thousands.

Kenyans online lauded the speech that gave conscientious view on the coming election.\


Many Kenyans on social media agreed with Prof Lumumba’s sentiments on Kenyans being tricked into tribal politics as opposed to issue based politics.

The video went viral on Sunday just as the two major political formations are set to unveil their manifestos this week.

The highlight of Prof Lumumba 30-minute speech was his prediction that this election will bring no change.

“Even as now we approach the elections and you are going to make the decision, I can assure you that there will be no change, because the formations we have are merely tribal,” said Prof Lumumba.

He went on to detail how the two major coalitions, Jubilee and Nasa, are based on tribal affiliations.


“So that what we are going to have in Kenya on the 8th day of August is not an election of any issues. They’ll not talk about agriculture, about education, about unemployment… the most critical thing is that it is going to be an ethnic census to determine which formation brings together the largest number of tribes. So those of who think there will be dramatic change you’ll be disappointed,” he added.

Lumumba capped his speech by stating; “Nyani ni wale wale, misitu ndio imebadilika.”

“You know one of the things that I find painful is for anybody to tell me to vote an individual because he is from my ethnic group. It is the greatest insult, why did I go to school?” questioned Lumumba amid crowd cheers.


Prof Lumumba was recently dragged to court by lawyer Wachira Maina for plagiarism

Mr Maina sued Lumumba for allegedly stealing his intellectual property in the Law Society of Kenya Journal as his own work.

Prof Lumumba opted to settle the matter out of court settlement after both parties accepted to hold negotiations with a view of reaching a settlement regarding the dispute.

Here is the full video.