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Photography is his passion

Photography has been lucrative for Isaiah Maghanga since he took it up more than two years ago. He has never bothered seeking formal employment from then.

He employs the Strobist photography style – a technique where shots are done using off-camera flashes strategically positioned to a subject. Maghanga invested an initial capital of Sh200,000 in buying cameras, flash and light modifiers as well as processing equipment.

“Photography is a passion that found me. I started out small but after I had saved enough, I invested in top of the range equipment. You have to spend money to make more money,” said Maghanga.

He named his business I6 Photography and Creatives and set out to build a brand by marketing on every available platform, including social media, business meetings and peers.

Isaiah Maghanga. Photo/Winnie Mabel
Isaiah Maghanga. Photo/Winnie Mabel

Apart from Kenya, his work is also known in Uganda, Rwanda and South Africa. He has been invited to these countries to shoot for various events. The further the location, the more he charges.

“I looked for opportunities elsewhere at some point because the Kenyan market had become very hostile. People here take time to accept new concepts. They will criticise you and if you are not strong-willed, you will be greatly discouraged,” he said.

Things have, however, gone well and his business has picked up.

“Rwanda is very welcoming. The Strobist style was readily accepted there,” he said.

Maghanga’s average net monthly earning is Sh300,000. He earns this from doing shots for weddings where he charges a minimum of Sh40,000 and personal profile shots for Sh8,000. All these depend on the location and client demands.

He has also done photography work for billboard advertisements for a top baby diaper company as well as photo shoots for models and individuals in the corporate world.

“The advantage of being self employed is that you can manage your time and money. This makes you a better planner,” he said.