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Photographer dies ‘in road accident’ after posting goodbye message on FB

Friends of photographer Abiud Wangu Maina on December 29, 2019 woke up to the shocking news that he was no more.

Abiud had hours earlier posted a message on his Facebook account and many thought he had taken his life because of depression.

However, according to a post by his friend MC Georgez, Abiud died in a tragic road accident at Allsops along Thika Super highway on the morning of December 29, 2019.

“The post-mortem shows he died from excessive bleeding and he had issues with breathing after the accident. I have known Abiud for years now, he was depressed but I’m sure he was not committing suicide,” Georgez said.

After the accident, Abiud was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital where he succumbed to injuries.

In his Facebook post, Abiud noted that 2019 had been a difficult year for him revealing that he had been battling depression but only a few people noticed and tried to help.

“Depression changes u, you may look the same but everything else is different, you act differently, move differently, you speak differently, everything about you is so different that you forget who you are,” he wrote.

He noted that some people were not good at seeking help but he encouraged them to speak out

“Some people aren’t good at asking for help because there’s so used to being the ” helper” thought their life they’ve experience an unbalanced give and take, so their instinct is usually I””LL figure it out on my own ” the -self-reliance is all they’ve ever known. Speak out this thing is devil !!”, he said.

Abiud said he was able to open up and talk about his depression in front of his workmates but still they never noticed he had a problem.

“Last week was the best week for me I was able to stand before my workmate of 11 years I was able to speak my heart but one thing I learned no one notice my tired eyes, that’s how bad depression is no one can notice depressed people acts ok,” he added.

He concluded by thanking God for the opportunity to say goodbye and advised people to pay attention to their friends’ change of behaviour.

Friends reached out on his posts but hours later messages of condolences started trickling in on the same post.

2019 Been a tough year , with alot of mixed fortunes but hope and faith still concurs all, those who made it through…

Posted by Abiud Wangu Maina on Friday, December 27, 2019

Abuid will be buried this Saturday at Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri County.