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Online storm over new pay rise for Uhuru, Ruto

Kenyans online have expressed anger and disappointment on President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto’s planned 3.9 percent pay rise.

Treasury has budgeted for a 3.9 percent pay rise for the two after they took a pay cut back in 2017 just before the elections.

Treasury documents show that the combined annual pay — basic salary and allowances — of Mr Kenyatta and Dr Ruto will rise from the current Sh36.6 million to Sh38 million.

Kenyans online are however venting their anger at the executive for increasing their budget despite the tough economic times.


“So, they impose a 1.5% tax deduction without a wage increase for Kenyans, but increase a 3.9% salary for themselves?” questioned Francois K.

“And then they will publicly refuse the pay rise and boom! Kenyans will be lapping at their feet with accolades of statesmanship,” Andrew Oduor commented.

“We have huge debts cost of living is escalating corruption is at its maximum Mpigs on a payrise, truly the handshake has brought the picture more lively of who we really fight for, the leaders are the same, it has always been their interest,” wrote Allan O Omondi.


“3.9% ni kidogo,wakitaka hata ikuwe 39%” Ken Tirop retorted.

“Were they trying to hoodwink Kenyans to vote for them again? 47 months to go and someone somewhere will explain it to Kenyans one day,” stated George Kim.

“Will that increase their ability to govern this country better….? Will increasing their salary improve the lives of Kenyans?” Joel Mukoma Mugwe questioned.

“Serving themselves not Kenya. Anyway it is Kenyans who employed them,” Momanyi Ogato added.