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Meet 31-year-old pastor who wants run for president as an independent

A 31-year-old pastor from Kitui County, who wants to run for president as an independent candidate, was among hundreds of aspirants who flocked the office of the Registrar of Political Parties at Lion Place in Westlands, Nairobi on Monday in an effort to beat the registration deadline.

Edwin Wambua, who is a pastor in the Truth Ministry Church in Kitui claims to have “received a call from God” to lead the people of Kenya and he has decided to heed “God’s voice.”

“I believe I have the capability to change this country through my ministry, I believe I can make people to be ‘clean’ through my church ministry,” Wambua told the Daily Nation.

Mr Wambua plans to take a loan of Sh500, 000 and accept contributions from friends to raise funds for campaigns.

If both options fail, Wambua says he will use a matatu and also reach people online in order to get their support. He says he intends to visit all the 47 counties to campaign.


Wambua faces an uphill task in order to be cleared as he has no degree which is one of the requirements for a Presidential candidate but he says that is not his worry saying he has a divine degree from God.

“I have a divine degree from God though I have not been to class. I will go up to the last step until the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) tells me that I do not have qualifications to be the President of this country,” Wambua said.

Wambua’s symbol is a flower garden which he says signifies cleanliness and a blessed nation.

“Kenya is a blessed country and clean that is why I chose a flower garden as my symbol,” Mr Wambua said.

The first born in a family of three says his parents are aware that he wants to be the President of Kenya. The Presidential candidate is not married but plans to get a wife soon and have four children.


“My father does not even know that I am in Nairobi to seek clearance. My two sisters are also not aware about my plans to become the President,” Mr Wambua said.

He says that there is nothing wrong when pastors venture into politics saying politics is not bad only that people have demonised it.

“There is nothing wrong with politics if it has the right people and it is people like me who will bring change,” Mr Wambua said.

He also expressed satisfaction with the clearance process at the Registrar of Political Parties.

“I came here at around 8 and so far I have been served well by the officers,” he said.

His form had however indicated that Wambua was vying for a Member of County Assembly (MCA) instead of the Presidency.

“Everything else in my form is okay except the part stating that I want to be an MCA instead of the President. But it has been corrected,” Mr Wambua said.