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Passengers to report unruly matatu crew via sms service

Passengers can now report unruly matatu crews to the owners by sending a message with the registration number and sacco to 40233.

The sms service started by the Matatu Owners Association will be used to obtain complaints and compliments on matatu crews from the public.

According to the association’s CEO Richard Kanoro, due diligence will be used to ascertain that the information shared by a passenger is true and the respective crew member will be punished if at fault.

“A driver could be blacklisted if found to be at fault or even suspended by the respective sacco after we have established through the sender of the message and the rest of the crew on duty as every matatu usually has two to three members of the crew,” said Mr Kanoro.


Once the association receives the message sent by a passenger to 40233 consisting of the registration number and name of sacco, follow up will be done to ascertain the complaint.

Complains that touch on all aspects of the matatu industry including careless driving, inappropriate entertainment content and conduct can be reported.

“A passenger can demand that a driver stops playing pornographic videos and if they fail to cooperate they shall be banned,” said Mr Kanoro.

The move will provide a relief to commuters whose pleas to crew members fall on deaf ears leaving them with the options of reporting to traffic police officers or police stations located along the routes plied by matatus.